NC amputee’s prosthetic leg stolen during brutal attack; 2 charged with attempted murder

Holly Mesker and Patrick Christopher (Source: Gaston County Sheriff's Office)

STANLEY, N.C. (WBTV) – A man is recovering after being beaten by three people and left for dead Thursday morning, according to Gaston County police.

Aaron Sanders and his girlfriend, Holly Mesker, reportedly got into an argument. Police said Sanders wanted Mesker to get out of the house, so she called her ex-husband and another person to come to L & L Birchfield Lane and attack Sanders.

The assault reportedly happened Thursday at approximately 4:45 a.m. in Stanley.

According to reports, Mesker’s ex-husband and the other person threatened Sanders with a machete, hit him with a baseball bat and stun gun, covered his body and left him for dead. Captain Curtis Roselle with the Gaston County police said his attackers also took his wallet, cell phone, Jeep and his prosthetic leg with them.

Sanders was able to crawl to his neighbor’s house and call for help. Police found him with broken bones, bruises and severe lacerations.

Mesker, her ex-husband Patrick Christopher and an unnamed person were all arrested. The unnamed person was arrested in Cleveland County, so Gaston police were not able to release a name at the time this story was written.

Mesker and Christopher were charged with attempted murder, burglary, larceny and conspiracy charges. Christopher also faces assault with a deadly weapon charges.

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