McCrory formally asks US Supreme Court to reinstate voter ID

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Gov. Pat McCrory formally asked the Supreme Court Monday to temporarily reinstate the North Carolina voter ID law.

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In a press release, McCrory said he had formally requested U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to stay a ruling by the 4th Circuit and reinstate North Carolina’s voter ID law.

“Today we have asked Chief Justice John Roberts to stay the Fourth Circuit’s ruling and reinstate North Carolina’s Voter ID law,” said McCrory. “This common sense law was upheld by the U.S. District Court. Our Voter ID law has been cited as a model and other states are using similar laws without challenges.”

McCrory said a formal petition asking the Supreme Court to hear the case will follow this request for a stay.

“The Fourth Circuit’s ruling is just plain wrong and we cannot allow it to stand. We are confident that the Supreme Court will uphold our state’s law and reverse the Fourth Circuit,” McCrory said.

The move comes a week after McCrory promised to take the issue to the Supreme Court after an appeals court decided it wouldn’t delay enforcement of its ruling striking down the law.

In late July, the Virginia-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals declared that the measures violated the Constitution and the federal Voting Rights Act by targeting black voters “with almost surgical precision.” It marks the third ruling in less than two weeks against voter ID laws after court decisions regarding Texas and Wisconsin.

The late July opinion from a three-judge panel of the court states that “the legislature enacted one of the largest restrictions of the franchise in modern North Carolina history” when it rewrote voting laws in 2013.

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