Morrisville starts ‘unique’ initiative to curb aggressive driving

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The Town of Morrisville is now encouraging people to call 911 to report aggressive driving.

Police Chief Patrice Andrews said the Town’s new initiative is “unique.”

Police Chief Patrice Andrews
Police Chief Patrice Andrews

“Aggressive driving is mobile, right? And you don’t know when in that next instance, that aggressive driver may have gotten into a collision or may have caused a collision, so it’s instantaneous. It has the possibility of evolving rather quickly,” Andrews said.

When possible, the Town will send an officer to stop the vehicle.

If not, Morrisville has a new online form to report aggressive driving with spots to submit license plate numbers and a description of what occurred.

The reported driver will then get a letter from police.

“Your vehicle was seen on this date and this time and this location being operated in an aggressive manner,” Andrews said of a report.

The chief said the new initiative isn’t about punishment, it’s about education.

“And this is why simply, it’s not used as a citation. It’s not used to in anyway punish this person. It is simply a notification. So, it does not become a tool or a resource for someone trying to harass someone else,” Andrew said.

She said it is gaining participation from the public.

Andrews also pointed out it is important to keep calm and safe on the roads as kids return to school.

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