Wake County schools raise lunch prices by 25 cents, unveils new menu

(Source: Emma Wright/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Wake County Public School System unveiled new lunch menu items Tuesday.

Students at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School were the first to sample the new turkey pot pie.

Turkey pot pie will be making its debut on fall menus.

The pot pie is a speed-scratch recipe, meaning staff can make it fresh and in-house.

The pot pie is just one of several menu items made from fresh, local ingredients.

Wake County says they are making an effort to incorporate more North Carolina grown items into school lunch.

“As soon as the farmers begin to harvest new items such as sweet potatoes, we’ll be able to start offering those in November and there will be other things that will follow,” Paula De Lucca, Sr. director of child nutrition services in Wake County said. “We’re real excited about being able to support our local farmers in that way as well. Together, all of these things provide seasonality.”

Students say they give the turkey pot pie recipe a thumbs up.

Beginning this academic school year, Wake County will be raising school lunch prices by 25 cents.

Elementary school lunches will now cost $2.25.

Middle and high school lunches will cost $2.50.

Wake County schools says this is the first time in six years they have had to raise prices and say federal regulations require the increase.

“Wake County schools has been fortunate that we haven’t had to increase our meal prices but technically speaking, when you look at the federal regulations we still are experiencing a 60 cent gap per meal on lunch,” De Lucca said. “We’re hoping we won’t have to go there with any additional increases and we’re using all of our resources to the best of our abilities.”



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