Donald Trump to advertise in NC in a ‘major way,’ Eric Trump says

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) – Ahead of his father’s campaign stop in Charlotte, Eric Trump and his wife, Lara, spoke with CBS North Carolina about how important it is to do well in North Carolina.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made North Carolina a priority. That is easy to see with his frequent stops in the Tar Heel state since becoming the GOP’s nominee.

Eric Trump said to expect advertising from both candidates to ramp up as November approaches.

“We’re going to start advertising next week. One of the states we’re going to do it in a major way in is North Carolina. This is an incredibly important state to us,” Eric Trump said.

It’s no secret North Carolina is among the swing states in the presidential election and now the Tar Heel state will see advertising from the trump campaign.

Eric Trump said most of the ads for his father will convey the “America first” message.

“I think a lot of them will be America first. I mean that’s almost become my father’s message during this campaign. We’re not winning wars anymore. We’re getting ripped off by countries all across the world,” he said.

Despite what critics say, Eric Trump said he is proud of his father’s plan for the presidency.

“He’s talking about going to every government agency and rating every single regulation that they have because every single one of them has an impact on business, but some of them aren’t important,” Eric Trump said.

Wrightsville Beach native and N.C. State grad Lara Trump said the Donald Trump you see in the media is not how he really is.

“He’s a good man. What you hear about him, the image that the media has portrayed up to this point? I can tell you wholeheartedly is not true,” Lara Trump said. “He’s a good person and he would not be doing this if he did not care about this country and everyone in it.”

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