Expert says it’s politics as usual for NC GOP head to lobby elections board

Dallas Woodhouse.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Democrats are attacking an email sent from the North Carolina GOP executive director to the Wake County Board of Elections asking them to limit early voting for November’s election.

They say it’s a clear attempt to restrict the number of legal voters in the upcoming election.

In a statement to CBS North Carolina, NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said he has the right to lobby Republican positions to board of election members as he would anybody else.

David McLennan, political science professor at Meredith College, said it’s nothing new. “It’s just that I think for the first time many citizens are seeing it,” he said. “And it just looks like something that’s wrong, but it’s not wrong because the system is set up to favor one party over the other.”

McLennan added that board members don’t have to follow Woodhouse’s suggestions and they will make regulations of their own.

The elections have been thrown into disarray following a federal court ruling that North Carolina’s voter ID laws are unconstitutional. That ruling is being challenged and Gov. Pat McCrory has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the election to go forward under the voter ID laws due to the closeness to election day.

Meanwhile the elections board is making plans to go forward under the previous laws that would allow for more voting days and hours, along with no photo ID at the polls.

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