Fungal spores found in section of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center’s nursery unit

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center (Photo by Cape Fear Valley Medical Center)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Patients in a section of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center’s nursery had to be relocated due to a leak in the roof and moisture issues, the hospital said in a release.

The hospital’s intermediate nursery unit is the only area impacted by the issues.

According to the release, the moisture issue in the nursery was caused by a leak due to recent rains in the area. The project began on Aug. 12, the same day the moisture was detected. Patients and staff in the intermediate nursery have been moved to a nearby unit while renovations take place.

As part of the construction process, air quality testing is being performed as standard procedure. Initial air quality tests indicated signs of a common fungal spore that can be found everywhere, including outside air and in homes, and is generally not harmful, the release said.

The repair work is expected to take approximately one more week. Regular air quality testing results have been within normal limits, the hospital said. The results are consistent with the Joint Commission standards, which were created to ensure a safe environment for hospital patients, staff and visitors.

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