‘It’s time for a change,’ Donald Trump says at Charlotte rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a campaign speech in Charlotte, N.C. Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV/WNCN) – Donald Trump was back in North Carolina’s largest city for a rally. He also raised some campaign funds beforehand in the Charlotte area.

The Republican presidential nominee addressed supporters Thursday evening, around 7:30 p.m., at the Charlotte Convention Center. It marks his second public visit to Charlotte since late July, when he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention.

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For the first time, the Republican said he regrets some of his most heated campaign statements.

The GOP nominee said during the rally that, “sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that. And believe it or not, I regret it,” he says, “particularly where it may have caused personal pain.”

Trump said that, “Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.”

Trump is reading from prepared remarks, using a teleprompter instead of his usually off-the-cuff rally style after re-shaping his campaign team.

In response to Trump’s admission of regret, Correct The Record President Brad Woodhouse released a statement that questioned Trump’s words.

“Tonight, Donald Trump’s teleprompter expressed regret for the first time during this campaign,” said Woodhouse. “Yet Trump did not say what he regrets, and he did not apologize to anyone. Does Donald Trump regret attacking the Khan family? Does he regret his bigoted attacks on the American Muslim community? Does he regret calling Mexican immigrants rapists? Does he regret suggesting that President Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and accusing him of founding ISIS? We don’t know because Donald Trump’s teleprompter didn’t tell us.”

He traveled to Wilmington and Fayetteville last week.

The rally followed a 6 p.m. fundraising dinner at the Westin Hotel. Trump headlined an earlier fundraiser Thursday at Trump National Golf Club near Mooresville.

Nearly 400 people were expected at the Westin dinner. That included GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. Gov. Pat McCrory and U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are listed as honorary co-chairs.

Thursday, while addressing local law enforcement officers in North Carolina, Donald Trump said he’ll “take a very serious look” at Congressional term limits if he’s elected to the White House.

Trump was asked about the benefits, pensions and term limits of members of Congress. The questioner said he wanted to “get these bums out.”

Trump responded by saying the man was not the first person to voice those complaints. He said, “We’re going to take a very serious look” at term limits. Changing term limits would require a Constitutional amendment.

“One thing I can promise you this – I will always tell you the truth,” Trump said.

Those words resonated with his supporters.

“Most people would say that he would never apologize. He’s here to do for the people, not for the political machine,” said Trump supporter David Beatson.

Trump criticized his Democratic opponent on issues ranging from immigration to the economy.

“While sometimes I can be too honest, Hillary Clinton is the exact opposite. She never tells the truth,” Trump said.

He also spoke about the fight against ISIS and had a message for terrorists.

“We will find you. We will destroy you and we will absolutely win and will win soon,” Trump said.

Trump also boasted about his popularity with police. He says their vote for him in November “could be unanimous. That could be, no matter where you go in the country, we may get no negative vote.”

He told the officers, “I’m on your side, 1,000 percent.”

Clinton also met with law enforcement leaders in New York City, joining with chiefs of police days after Trump accused her of being “against the police.”

At the start of the meeting, Clinton said deadly shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Milwaukee show the need for respect between police officers and residents.

She said the country can’t ignore the challenges and “certainly we must not inflame them.”

She told the group that the nation needs to work together “to bridge our divides, not stoke more divisiveness.”

Trump and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence will head to Louisiana where they will tour flood damage Friday.

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