Grandmother, daughter fight back against car burglary suspect

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A grandmother and her daughter are credited for detaining a man they caught breaking into one of their cars at a Dickson apartment complex earlier this week, officials said.

According to a police report, Lawanda Rochelle said she saw a light go on in her daughter’s car on Monday. The 45-year-old woman went outside and confronted the man identified as Mark Creed.

“Honey, I was terrified. I was thinking about my 3-year-old grandbaby,” she recalled. “I am from Chicago. You see a lot of stuff in Chicago, and I lost it and got to wailing on him, honey.”

Lawanda Rochelle (WKRN)
Lawanda Rochelle (WKRN)

Officer body cam video from the incident shows Creed face down in the parking lot at the Harpeth Trace Apartments on Archway Circle.

“I was wailing on him, punching him. I did something with the door and he fell asleep and I closed the door and he was knocked out,” Rochelle said.

Rochelle and her daughter detained Creed until police arrived to the complex.

Upon their arrival, police asked Creed what happened to his face, which was covered in blood.

The 35-year-old said he didn’t know.

During a taped police exchange, when asked what he was doing breaking into people’s vehicles, Creed responded by saying, “just stupid.”

News 2 spoke with Creed by phone on Friday where he offered his own version of the event, which included him denying fighting the women.

Mark Creed

“I remember waking up full of blood and stuff,” he said. “I had a little too much to drink. I went to the parking lot and blacked out. I tried to go to my car or someone else’s car, but I got hit with something and the male took off and then the female started hitting me.”

He continued, “I didn’t fight with the women at all. They just held me down and I was bleeding like crazy and they held me down until he cops got there.”

Creed suffered two black eyes and a broken orbital bone that will need surgery.

When told Creed thought he was beaten up by a man, Rochelle laughed at that suggestion.

“I wish a man was there. If there was a man there, he would have been real messed up,” she said.

Prior to his arrest Monday, Creed had a public intoxication arrest on his record.

He’s now charged with auto burglary. He’s since been released on a $1,000 bond.

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