Man dragged as he tries to stop car thief

DALLAS, TX (WCMH) — Security video shows a Texas man being dragged as he tries to stop a thief driving away in his car.

Two weeks ago, Terrence Edge stopped to pick up his mail and left his car running. In the 20 seconds he was away, someone jumped inside.

“I turned around, looked back and he was grabbing the car door and I tried to get to him and grab the handle,” Edge told KTVT. But he got in good before I could get it open. Then I went for a ride.”

Edge said his hand got stuck in the door handle. The video shows Edge dragged to the ground before he comes free. The car’s rear tire barely misses him.

Police found the car abandoned in a parking lot a week later.

Edge says he won’t be leaving his car unattended and running again anytime soon. He also has some words for anyone who thinks they can stop someone from taking their car. “Don’t try to stop someone from stealing your car. You end up getting hurt.”

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