Woman whose leg was broken in Crabtree Valley Mall chaos wants answers

Patel being interviewed by WNCN at a rehab center after breaking her leg and femur.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A week after calls came into police for a shooting at the Crabtree Valley Mall people are still dealing with injuries.

Police never confirmed any shots were actually fired, but still at least 12 people were hurt in the confusion

The entrance to Crabtree Valley Mall on Saturday afternoon. Photo by Amy Cutler/WNCN

“I couldn’t think anything because I was so panicked and I was so scared myself somebody was going to come and shoot me,” said Kokilaben Patel.

Raleigh Police said they’ve found no evidence there was a shooting at the mall, but still a dozen people went to the hospital because of the chaos. Patel was one of them

“People running like crazy and they knocked me down; my husband was knocked down on me. My husband got up right away but I couldn’t get up; so people walked on my legs,” she said.

She was stuck on the mall floor until two nurses grabbed her into a store, but not before her leg was broken.

For the last week, Patel has not been able to move from a bed without help. She still has bruising where her femur was broken.

“I have to depend on everybody it’s not my fault, right” she said.

Patel says she wants to know if there wasn’t a shooting, then what is the reason she and others were injured at the mall last week

Patel has an appointment Monday that might let her know when she may walk again.

Police say there is no evidence a shooting happened at the mall, but also say there is nothing to definitely say there was not one either.

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