Johnston County bus driver of 20 years earns award

Shannon Brock (Ali Warshavsky/WNCN)

KENLEY, N.C. (WNCN) – Shannon Brock has been driving a school bus every day for the past 20 years and hasn’t missed a single day.

After two decades behind the wheel, on the same route, she said she has gotten quite used to the kids on board.

Brock says she knows the Johnston County roads better than anybody and just earned a new title.

“I won Johnston County bus driver of the year,” said Brock.

She has won so many awards that her husband had to build her a new shelf in her china cabinet.

Brock says she will have to build new friendships this year too.  A new elementary school has opened in the county and that means a different group of students each morning.

“It so happens that my route was the one effected and I lost 55 children,” said Brock.

A moment so sad for Brock, who also works as a teachers aid, she said she couldn’t bring herself to say goodbye on the last day of school.  She might not have been able to say goodbye last year, but she is anxious to say hello to new students this year.

” I just love children and some of the little ones have never left momma, never left daddy and so they just need someone who loves them,” said Brock.

Brock doesn’t stop driving a bus when school is out.  She also drives the routes for summer school.

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