UNC Chapel Hill students respond to House Bill 2 ruling

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — UNC Students say they are in favor of a US District Judge’s ruling allowing three members of the university to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

Friday, US District Judge Thomas Schroeder ruled UNC faculty member Joaquin Carcano, and two other students could use the bathroom they identify with, regardless of HB2’s restrictions.

UNC students on campus Saturday were in favor of the ruling.

“It’s probably a step in the right direction and they should probably go further perhaps instate it for everyone,“ said UNC Student Kunal Thakur.

Freshman Sarah Halford is from North Carolina. She’s been following HB2 since the beginning and says the law has no business on a college campus.

“Frankly I think it’s disgusting. I don’t support it at all. I think it’s ridiculous that’ it’s supposed to be enforced in schools. I think that’s detrimental to people’s mental health especially young people who may be confused about their gender identity and putting more pressure on them,” she said.

The ruling only applies for the three plaintiffs; however UNC has said they will not enforce HB2 at all on campus.

Friday the Governor’s office released this statement in part in regards to Friday’s ruling, “This is not a final resolution of this case, and the governor will continue to defend North Carolina law.”

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