As school starts again, a reminder to #Brake4Buses

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With school back in session, CBS North Carolina is continuing its campaign to remind drivers to brake for buses.

It’s a law that continues to be broken all the time.

According to the Department of Public Instruction, more than 3,000 drivers still illegally pass a stopped school buses in our state on any given day.

In recent years more than a dozen children have been killed just trying to get to school.

“At approximately 3:05 every day, the school bus stops right in front of our shop here, and typically one to 10 cars a day pass the stopped school bus,” said Ben Myers who works at Just Inspections in Raleigh. “I’ve seen police officers pass it. I’ve seen other school buses pass them.”

The bus stops on New Bern Avenue, a road with three lanes going the same direction.

“Typically until somebody gets smart and slams on brakes in the far left lane everybody will keep going passed the stopped school bus which is extremely dangerous,” said Myers.

So CBS North Carolina Investigates set up cameras and waited.

As the bus approached it turned on its yellow lights and then its red lights before its stop sign.

Our cameras caught a car clearly blow past the stop sign.

CBS North Carolina crews then followed the driver and once she stopped, asked her why she passed the bus.

“Because…I didn’t see it,” the driver said.

She also said she had just recently started driving again and did not know the law.

HERE’S A REMINDER: Anytime you are driving behind a bus, and it stops, you must also stop.

If you are driving the opposite direction of a bus, you also have to stop unless you are on a road with four or more lanes that has a median or a center turn lane.

break four buses

Help CBS North Carolina spread this life saving message on social media using #Brake4Buses

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