Deborah Ross reveals ‘putting people first’ ethics plan

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Democratic senate candidate Deborah Ross is revealing her plan to clean up the ethics and accountability in Washington.

Monday, she sat down with CBS North Carolina’s Beau Minnick where she said her ethics plan is about “putting people first.”

Read Ross’ ‘Putting People First’ ethics plan

She also had strong words about her Republican opponent Richard Burr.

“North Carolina clearly needs a change,” Ross said.

And Ross wants to be the person to bring that change to Washington.

She’s announced an ethics plan she says would end taxpayer subsidies for lobbyists and have a 10-year ban on lobbying for every former lawmaker.

“So that you’re not making those deals while you’re still a sitting member of Congress,” Ross said.

She outlined her plan for CBS North Carolina.

She also said two-term incumbent Burr was one of three senators who voted against the STOCK Act in 2012, which was designed to combat insider trading.

“He’s put the special interests and his own interests ahead of the people of North Carolina,” Ross said.

Burr’s office says he voted against the act because insider trading was already illegal and it was a redundant law.

The Ross campaign says Burr pushed bills that would benefit his investments.

They’re critical of a 2011 bill co-sponsored by Burr that offered tax credits for natural gas fueled vehicles while he had stock in some natural gas companies.

Burr’s office says that bill never became law and could not have changed the value of any stock.

“He’s really delivered for the state of North Carolina on several fronts – on education, on veterans issues. He’s the chairman of the senate intelligence committee. That’s a big post and something that North Carolina voters really care about,” said Jesse Hunt, Burr campaign communications director.

The Burr campaign Monday also voiced concerns with Ross’ record while looking at her time serving in the state House of Representatives and, before that, as director of the state ACLU.

“Her opposition to the sex offender registry here in North Carolina. She doesn’t have an answer for that,” Hunt said. “She, as head of the North Carolina ACLU, fought against the bill that created the North Carolina Sex offender Registry in 1995. In 1997, the bill put the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry online and she also opposed that bill as the head of the ACLU here in North Carolina.”

When we asked Ross to respond to that she said “It just sounds like politics as usual. Of course, I favor a sex offender registry. I voted for it. I voted to strengthen it 18 times when I was in the General Assembly. They’re not looking at my record and they’re not paying attention to what the people of North Carolina really want.”

Minnick asked Ross Monday if Hillary Clinton is trustworthy.

“Yes. This nation needs people who are going to wake up every day thinking about their needs and their values,” Ross said. “Everywhere I’ve gone, people have been excited about having a change in Washington.

Ross also touched on Donald Trump and Burr’s connection to the GOP nominee.

“I don’t think that Donald Trump has the judgement to be our commander-in-chief. I think he’s reckless and he’s wrong for North Carolina,” Ross said. “Senator Burr is very tied with Donald Trump. He has endorsed Donald Trump. He has headlined events for Donald Trump and he’s said that he looks forward to having Donald Trump name the Supreme Court justices.”

Most polls have Burr up slightly though Ross’ numbers have risen.

Libertarian Sean Haugh is also running in this race.

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