Residents startled as military jets swoop down over NC city

One of the jets over Charlotte on Monday. Photo by zakk zwier via WBTV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — Military jets flying over uptown Charlotte on Monday startled several residents, causing chatter on social media.

The Panthers have a home game Thursday night, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport confirmed that the jets were practicing for a flyover, the Charlotte Observer reports.

UPDATE! Air Force pilots grounded after 4 military jets buzz NC city

“We’ve been advised from the Air Traffic Control Tower that there are military jets practicing their stadium run,” airport spokeswoman Lee Davis told the Observer.

According to the Huntersville Fire Department, the low-flying planes were A-10 military jets and there was no emergency.

Several people contacted WBTV about the jets. One person questioned whether they should be concerned about the multiple jets “buzzing” over the buildings uptown.

Another observer, Zakk Zwier, tweeted video of one of the jets flying over the Bank of America stadium.

Most of the reports came in around noon.

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