Air Force pilots grounded after 4 military jets buzz NC city

One of the jets over Charlotte on Monday. Photo by zakk zwier via WBTV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) —  Four military jet pilots who buzzed downtown Charlotte on Monday are now restricted to ground duty as Air Force officials investigate the incident, WCNC-TV reported.

The incident happened around noon on Monday as the A-10 jets swooped low over several downtown buildings and Bank of America Stadium, where the Carolina Panthers were practicing at the time.

Many people were startled by the incident and several people contacted media outlets about the low-flying jets.

“… fighter jets just buzzed by my window of the high rise bldg I work in – uptown Charlotte NC. Scary!” wrote Julie H. Saunders on Twitter.

At first, officials at the Charlotte airport said the pilots were practicing for a fly-over at an upcoming Panther’s home game.

However, on Tuesday, officials said that was not true and that the pilots were buzzing Charlotte on their return flight to their home base at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, WCNC-TV in Charlotte reported.

The FAA said Tuesday that an FAA worker incorrectly told Charlotte airport officials that the flight was fly-over practice, the TV station reported.

Several people contacted WBTV as one person questioned whether they should be worried about the jets “buzzing” over the buildings uptown.

Another witness, Zakk Zwier, Tweeted video of one of the jets flying low over the Bank of America Stadium.

The Air Force told WCNC that the pilots involved are “restricted from flight duties” until an investigation is complete.

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