First-time Wake County teacher in it for more than pay bump

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As North Carolina teachers call roll for the first time this year, they do it knowing they’re also bringing home a bigger paycheck.

But that isn’t everything for some teachers.

Kristin Ross said she was the first person in line at this year’s Wake County teacher job fair.

Needless to say – she got the gig as a Kindergarten teacher.

“I just wanted to show that I’m dedicated to what I am doing. I’m passionate about what I do, you know, that I had a goal in mind and that was to get a job in Wake County,” said Ross.

Not only did she land a spot as a teacher, she’s also teaching in the brand new White Oak Elementary in Apex.

“It’s so great to come into a brand new school obviously its new its clean its beautiful,” said Ross.

Last week, Ross wasn’t just excited about her new students but she was also excited about the community she is now a part of.

“They have sense of community and a sense of family and that’s something that I was really looking for in coming down here,” she said.

A long-coming raise for teachers was approved this past legislative session in North Carolina.

It raises teacher pay by an average of 4.7 percent.

“It will affect me obviously in some ways because my salary is going up a little bit but to be honest with you, it’s not the salary that brings me into teaching. I just want to impact kids and I want them to grow up to be productive citizens in their communities,” Ross said.

That’s something Ross is determined to help make happen.

As of last week, Wake County Schools had hired 1,619 teachers for the new school year.

A total of 729 of those are new teachers with 890 being teachers that are rehired.

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