NC gubernatorial race the most expensive in the country, study says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina governor’s race is tops in the country when it comes to the amount of money spent on political ads, a recent study finds.

The Wesleyan University Media Project released figures that show $7.7 million has been spent political ads for the governor’s race here in North Carolina.

The next closest gubernatorial race is in Indiana where $4.9 million has been spent.

In recent days, the campaigns have released ads talking about education.

“Our 10 million citizens, they all value their public schools here in North Carolina.  When we have a strong public school system, we have a strong thriving economy,” said Mark Jewell, president of North Carolina Association of Educators

“The other races are pretty either safe Republican, safe Democrat.  This was one of the seats that was always going to attract outside money,” said Francis Deluca of the Civitas Institute.

Both campaigns have argued about teacher pay raises and education funding.

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