NC sheriff featured in national immigration advertisement

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. – A new national TV and online ad featuring sheriffs from across the country calls on the Obama administration to enforce immigration laws.

Sam Page, Rockingham County Sheriff, is one of four sheriffs in the ad which will air online and on air in North Carolina and across the nation.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) unveiled the ad, which also features sheriffs from New York, Alabama and Virginia on their website.

“The Federal leadership has encouraged illegal aliens to come to America and to stay without any fear of deportation through their messaging and policy…The President and every Congressman took Oath to protect and defend this Nation. We need to hold them to their solemn obligation.” reads a quote from Page on the FAIR website.

FAIR explained their mission to “educate and increase public awareness of immigration issues, present solution, hold leaders accountable for answers.” According to a website bio, FAIR “seeks to reduce overall immigration to a level that is more manageable and which more closely reflects past policy.”

For many years, Page has openly questioned federal immigration bills. Page challenged an immigration bill in 2013, attending a rally in Charlotte. The sheriff said “in order to stop the flow of drugs and criminal activity, we must secure our borders with Mexico.”

The ad comes not long after President Barack Obama proposed a new rule, which would allow foreign-born entrepreneurs to stay legally in the country for five years, given the company created jobs. Obama stated he would work on other programs which would deport violent criminals instead of longtime residents who pose no threat to the country.

Sheriff Page has spoken before the federal House Judiciary Committee where he emphasized safety issues revolving around illegal immigration. He told the committee that almost 50 percent of the illegal immigrants jailed in his county were for driving while impaired. “There’s no excuse for an illegal alien, who’s not supposed to be here in the first place, driving drunk on our roads and putting the lives of the people in my county in danger,” he said.

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