NC mom stabbed 19 times prayed and fought back: ‘I’m not going to die’

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) — Whiteville police are looking for a suspect in connection to the stabbing of a woman Monday evening.

Rashonta Love attacked

According to Sgt. Det. Aaron Herring of the Whiteville Police Department, James Edward McKamey stabbed a woman multiple times in the 300 block of West Nance Street at approximately 5:30 p.m.

The woman was Rashonta Love, she is recovering in Columbus Regional Hospital. “He was upset because he said he did an hour’s worth of work and I already payed him and he was like ‘How bout this?’ ” said Love. “He started stabbing me repeatedly and he stabbed me in my heart. I told him ‘please stop’ and that I had a little girl ‘please do not kill me’.”

Doctors told Love they closed up nearly 20 wounds from the attack. Love was stabbed several times in the arms, head, and chest.

“He was going to finish me. I guess he wanted to take me somewhere and kill me,” said Love.

But she decided to fight back.

“I was like ‘You get away from me!’ and I just fought him until he got out that car. He didn’t want to get out of my car so that was crazy. It’s a blessing to be here,” said Love.

Herring said McKamey is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill. McKamey also is wanted in Brunswick County for absconding from probation.

When officers arrived at the scene of the reported assault, witnesses told them that the victim left in a car while the suspect fled on foot. The victim’s vehicle was located at Columbus Regional Hospital where she had driven herself to seek treatment.

“I was so glad to hear my door close,” said Love. “My vision was a little blurry but I just prayed and I was like ‘I’m not gonna die’ I wouldn’t look at the blood, I lost a lot of blood. I just kept my head up like I wasn’t going to look down.”

Anyone with information on McKamey’s whereabouts is asked to call Sgt. Herring at 910-642-5111.

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