‘Feed the Force’ shows gratitude towards Raleigh police, law enforcement

(Steve Sbraccia/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – There are some essential people who won’t get this Labor Day off and that includes Wake County law enforcement officers.

Monday, some of those men and woman got a chance to sit down to a meal at local restaurants who just wanted to say “thank you.”

The idea, called “Feed the Force,” was started by the owner of O’Malley’s Pub off of Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh. The idea came about as a way to shed a light on how officers positively impact the community.

When O’Malley’s owner Yaniv Sharir conceived the “Feed the Force” idea, he had no idea it would take off.

Currently, more than 120 restaurants have signed on with many adding their photos to the “Feed the Force” Facebook page.

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O’Malley’s Pub has a special flag out front – one with a thin blue line on it.

Some of those who make up that thin blue line came into O’Malley’s for a pat on the back and a good meal.

“This is a great gesture. It’s not expected but it’s greatly appreciated,” said Officer Nick Grimaldi with the Raleigh Police Department.

During Monday’s lunch hour, a shift of Raleigh officer created a sea of blue in O’Malley’s, which warmed the hearts of some customers.

“You know that they’re public servants and dedicated folks and doing the best they can and this is just a great way to encourage that and let people see that,” said customer Steve Rose.

Sharir said in the past, customers have paid for law enforcement’s orders.

“We have had instances where people have offered to pay for the meal and we have to tell them that’s covered thank you is enough,” Sharir said.

As Labor Day winds down, we asked O’Malley’s owner if he’d like to make this an annual event.

He told me he’s had a lot of people ask about that and he’s trying to figure out what he’ll do but first he wants to get through Monday.

“We’re really grateful the community is backing our department,” Grimaldi said. “We are seeing more and more appreciation from the country as certain things happen throughout the United States.”

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