North Carolina remains a priority for Clinton, Trump

(AP photos)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) – The presidential candidates continue to keep a sharp focus on North Carolina.

Donald Trump visited Greenville Tuesday with Hillary Clinton schedule to appear in Charlotte Thursday.

Both parties and both presidential campaigns know the importance of every vote in North Carolina.

In the next two months, supporters of both candidates believe their candidate will be the one to stand out.

“North Carolina has caught the eye of national politics and it is the epicenter,” said Rep. Jimmy Dixon (R-Duplin).

Democrats are working to retake the General Assembly and Executive Mansion from Republicans.

“Get out and vote because we’ve got to take this state and this country back,” said Sen. Floyd McKissick (D-Durham).

Meredith College political science professor David McLennan said the debates can help one candidate stand out, particularly to undecided voters.

“The first candidate who can really clarify his or her issue positions really might come out of the debates with that leg up that will take them to Election Day,” McLennan said.

CBS News correspondent Major Garrett called the debates the “last remaining decisive moment in this campaign,”

“Trump’s performance will be enormously important. If he’s still competent in this race and he blunders through that first debate or he’s perceived to be unpresidential or temperamentally unfit, that could be a huge wound for him,” Garrett said.

Garrett said a tie with Clinton in the debates will give him momentum going in to the second debate.

The first of three presidential debates will be on September 26.

Clinton’s rally in Charlotte will be at Johnson C. Smith University at noon.

She is expected to discuss her plants to keep the nation safe.

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