Neighbors fight privately owned Wake County landfill seeking to accept more waste

WAKE COUNTY, N.C (WNCN)  — Shotwell Landfill is looking to grow up; asking Wake County Commissioners to quadruple its daily disposal limit and allow it to accept waste from seven additional counties.

Right now, the privately owned landfill can only accept construction and demolition waste from Wake and Johnston counties.

“Let me compete fairly against the big boys,” Keith Johnson, an attorney for Shotwell said.

Shotwell made its pitch Tuesday night. Nearby homeowners were also there, many expressing opposition. The meeting went on for nearly two hours.

CBS North Carolina went back to some of the neighborhoods impacted by the plan on Wednesday evening.

“They’re putting stuff in the ground, I don’t really know how deep it goes. It could really have an effect on our water,” Steve McPhail, a homeowner said.

“Definitely a concern of the smell. I think it was the number one thing people were complaining about,” Matthew Rubino, another homeowner said.

“Several people talked about their children being in accidents trying to avoid the dump truck that’s coming on these narrow roads and is over the center line,” Betty Williamson, who owns property in the area said.

Williamson showed CBS North Carolina photos. One she said indicates Shotwell may be accepting more than just construction waste. Another she said is run-off water from the landfill. Williamson claims it may be contaminating the surface water.

“I just saw this pattern of them not keeping things up to regulations,” Williamson said.

“We’re not asking to increase either the foot print or the capacity of this landfill. No matter how many people stand up and say they’re opposed to the expansion of the landfill. The box is not getting any bigger,” Johnson said.

Wake County Commissioners tabled the issue, asking for more information. They’re expected to take it up at their next meeting.

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