On 9/11 anniversary, some visit World Trade Center memorials in 2 Triangle towns

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — In two Triangle communities, pieces of the World Trade Center towers stand as memorials to what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

The memorials in Pittsboro and Apex attracted visitors on Sunday who shared their memories of the attacks.

Credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Some who came to each memorial were too young to remember while others who come recall all too well.

“Horror…disbelief… feelings of patriotism… fear,” said Kathy Meredith.

Fifteen years have passed since a beam now on display in Pittsboro from the North Tower crashed into ground zero — yet for some the memories are as vivid now as when it first happened.

“For me it’s not history…it’s something I lived through,” said Bob Dixon.

“Everybody was scared.. no one knew what happened or why… it was just a lot of shock and disbelief,” said Jackie Nygren.

On Sunday, Nygren brought her children to Pittsboro — so they could touch history — and learn.

“It’s important to remember this day…too many holidays go by that we don’t remember,” she said.

Sitting 444 miles from ground zero—a piece of the North Tower stands tall in Pittsboro. In nearby Apex there is a smaller piece of the South Tower, which sits on a pedestal in Downtown.

But no matter which memorial you stand at — they stand to honor.

“I still feel the loss of lives… day-to-day we forget that —- we just say 9/11,” said Kathy Meredith. “I think we need to take time to do the memory and think of all those individuals.”

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