UNC students rally to show solidarity with rape accuser

(Amy Cutler/CBS North Carolina)
(Amy Cutler/CBS North Carolina)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – A couple hundred UNC students rallied Friday night in a show of solidarity with a sophomore who said she was raped on campus in February.

Delaney Robinson said she was raped by a UNC football player on Valentine’s Day in Ram Village on the campus. CBS North Carolina usually will not identify victims of sexual assault but Robinson decided to take her case public.

An image of Delaney Robinson released Tuesday during a news conference.
An image of Delaney Robinson released Tuesday during a news conference.

Robinson took her case public after she said the University had been “ineffective” with its investigation into the case.

Some at Friday’s rally said Robinson isn’t alone.

Jillian Murray, a former UNC-Chapel Hill student, said she was raped on campus in January 2013. She said the University didn’t take her complaint seriously and had to re-report the assault.

“First of all, they could start believing survivors,” Murray said. “I went through a Title IX hearing, which I ultimately won but UNC’s policy been consistently non-compliant. So my attorney and I actually filed a lawsuit against them.”

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Mary Willingham, the former athletics literacy counselor turned whistleblower, was at the rally.

“It made me angry, it made sad. I’m scared for the safety of some of the students,” Willingham said. “If we put process in place to make sure that we follow up with students when they make claims. We need to follow up on those procedures.”

“The issues involved in sexual assault are challenging. Inevitably, some will walk away from the process disagreeing with the outcome. That does not reflect in any way on the integrity of our employees or our process.” – Carol Folt

She marched with the students as they marched through campus.

That march ended at the Department of Public Safety.

“The hope is that survivors had their voices heard and that hopefully UNC hears them as well,” said Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler, UNC senior.

Chancellor Carol Folt addressed the matter in an email to students Friday afternoon.

In that email, Folt said nothing matters to her more than the safety and wellbeing of the campus community.

She wrote that she cannot address the case specifically but she said the University follows the highest stands based on federal law and guidance.

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