‘We do forgive him,’ says family of Spring Lake military vet charged with murdering wife, daughter

SPRING LAKE, N.C. (WNCN) – Several family members who were in attendance at the first court appearance for a 79-year-old military veteran charged with murdering his wife and daughter Thursday morning said he doesn’t belong in prison.

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Bobby King entered the courtroom using a walker and family members became very emotional as the judge read the two first-degree murder charges against him.


The judge said King could get the death penalty if convicted.

According to police, King shot and killed his 84-year-old wife, Dorothy King, and 54-year-old daughter, Cynthia King, Thursday morning at their home at 1011 Diane Circle. He then called police at approximately 8:45 a.m. to admit what he had done. Police said that King did not say why he did it or what led up to the shooting.

The two women were later pronounced dead at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

King’s daughter, Cheryl King, described meeting with her father after the shooting.

“When I walked in, Father didn’t know who I was,” she said. “Then, when his mind came back, he said, ‘Hey, baby,’ like he had no idea what went on. … But I wanted Dad to know I loved him, I forgive him and that we’re here for him.”

While King did not have a criminal record, this was not the first time police had responded to the home at 1011 Diane Circle in Spring Lake in the past few years for domestic-related incidents, police said.

“We have received some additional information from the family about domestic-related calls, situations at the home, the father making accusations that property was taken away from him,” said Spring Lake Police Chief Troy McDuffie.

Family members told CBS North Carolina that Cynthia King had just moved into the home with her parents to help care for them. The family had lived in the neighborhood for nearly 50 years.

The King family spoke to reporters following Bobby King's first court appearance (Joey McDonald/CBS North Carolina)
The King family spoke to reporters following Bobby King’s first court appearance (Joey McDonald/CBS North Carolina)

A family member said Bobby King suffered from depression and dementia.

“[We’re] gonna stand firm, gonna stand our ground, and fight for him, he doesn’t deserve to go to prison and we love him and we do forgive him,” Cheryl King said.

A spokesperson for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department said “authorities are working to figure out the best plan of action in this case.”

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