Deputies: Infant was inside Florida house during drug-making explosion that killed 2 dogs

Steven Brown (Pasco County Sheriff's Office)

PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) – Authorities are searching for a man who they say blew up his house while trying to make marijuana wax and then grabbed his drugs and fled the home, leaving his two caged dogs to die in the fire.


Investigators say a 1-year-old baby was in the home at the time of the explosion but was not injured.

The explosion happened on Sept. 3. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies say Steven Brown, 24, is still on the run and is considered armed and dangerous.

The explosion was heard by many residents in the neighborhood.

“We came outside and there was just one truck out here and they’re telling us to come out of the house and then we hear the second explosion and it got everybody terrified,” Cynthia Bryant said.

Kevin Doll with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said that something went wrong during the process of marijuana ‘cooking’ in the house.

“It’s where they take marijuana they cook it down into a waxy form that is more potent and it’s probably more easy to package and sell,” he said. “Something went wrong in this house, the house went up in flames.”

Steven Brown was last seen driving a 2016 white Kia Optima. Twelve warrants have been issued for his arrest.

If you have seen Brown or know where he might be, call 911.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says this is the first explosion caused by marijuana wax or butane hash in the county.

According to the DEA, marijuana wax is a marijuana concentrate that is a highly potent THC concentrate that looks like honey or butter. The THC levels could range from 40 to 80 percent. Smoking is the most common way to ingest the drug.

The drug is made by stuffing marijuana into a glass, metal or plastic pipe with a filter on the end of it. Butane is then forced in the open end of the pipe. The process extracts the THC in the marijuana.

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