Wake County man finds another child’s photos on used device

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Parents may be giving away photos and videos of their kids and not even realizing it.

Tom Hanifer found the perfect “gift from grandpa” with a quick search on an online auction site.

“I decided I wanted to get some other stuff for my granddaughter and I was interested in the LeapFrog LeapPads,” said Hanifer.

The LeapPad is like an iPad for kids, and you can add it to the growing list of toys that come with multiple cameras.


“What was shocking was when I turned this on, and there were children with their videos and pictures,” said Hanifer. “I think they just donated it and didn’t even realize what they were doing.”

The LeapPad was donated to Goodwill but the previous owner from Fort Lauderdale, Florida never cleared the tablets hard drive.

“It happens all the time,” said family coach Kate Paquin. “You have the LeapPad but then your child outgrows it and you get something else and you have a yard sale or put it on Craigslist.”

The device shows a young girl’s name and grade, along with pictures and videos of her showing off her school, her bedroom, and her pajamas.


“I was just appalled,” said Hanifer, “I can’t believe someone would leave videos like this.”

Paquin said to make sure you factory reset anything you intend to resell.

“Every device will have a factory reset button. Wipe it clean,” she said.

The pictures and videos on the LeapPad were of a kid just being a kid. But unless you want someone else watching videos of your kid, make sure you clear your device before you get rid of it.

“You associate toy with harmless,” said Paquin. “You don’t even think about what’s on them and I think now with everything being electronic, you do have to start thinking about what’s on them.”

This is just one example but anything with a camera or the ability to store pictures should be wiped including toys, old phones, iPods, tablets or even gaming systems.

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