Wake County teachers turn to crowd funding to pay for school supplies


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The back-to-school rush for school supplies might be over for students, but it’s far from over for teachers.

First grade teacher Kasmia Armstrong at Wildwood Forest Elementary hopes the public will help her out.

“I wanted to start flexible seating in my classroom and upon researching it, I found how expensive it would be,” Armstrong said.

Flexible seating means letting kids read, write and learn standing or sitting on couches and even rugs.

Armstrong created a page on DonorsChoose.org to raise money after putting up $200 of her own money to buy a couch.

“The kids work so hard…I want to reward them,” she said.

Approximately 156 teachers had the same idea in Wake County.

On the DonorsChoose website, teachers throughout the district ask for help with purchasing anything from books and rugs to tablets.

Last year, Wake County schools had 500 projects funded on DonorsChoose.org totaling $364,000.

So far this school year, only about a quarter of the projects have been funded.

“We think about wants and needs and so I work hard as a principal to provide the needs to move students,” Holly Shaw, Wildwood Forest Elementary school Principal said.

Shaw says their budget allows for certain amount of school supplies for each student and it’s all about dividing money fairly.

She says she is all for teachers utilizing websites like DonorsChoose.org to enhance learning in the classroom.

If you want to donate to Mrs. Armstrong’s classroom or a classroom closer to you, click here.

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