Durham peace march organizer wants compassion, not violence

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – The organizer of a peace march in Durham said there needs to be more compassion, not violence.

Rodney Williams said he wants the community to come together, not torn apart by riots.

Williams wants to fill CCB Plaza with a peaceful gathering Thursday to counter the chaos in Charlotte.

Charlotte has seen two nights of violence following the officer-involved shooting death of Keith Scott.


“We just want peace and love, and we just want to show that we love them and we care about them,” Williams said.

But Williams said he shares the pain felt by protesters in Charlotte.

Something needs to be fixed to stop fatal officer-involved shootings, Williams said.

“I believe personally that the black community doesn’t feel that the white community is understanding what’s going on. We’re getting aunts, uncles, brothers cousins, are getting gunned down and killed,” he said.

But Williams, along with Durham pastor Allen Jones, said violence isn’t the way to go about that change and heal wounds.

“We’re going to pray that peace comes out of this, that understanding comes out of the march, that understanding comes out of what we’re trying to do,” Jones said.

UNC student Christopher Wilson said he plans to attend Thursday’s peace march.

He said he wants to show unity for Charlotte while bringing up a problem that needs to be addressed.

“We can do things in a peaceful manner and get our point across that we want things to change. We want oppression and systematic oppression to be different and for things to change in this country to be better for all of us,” Wilson said.

Williams said word about the peaceful march has spread all over social media.

He wants thosewho stand out here in the next couple hours to do so with love, and will do his best to keep away anyone who would incite violence.

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