Holly Springs DMV adds cupcakes, seating, more to improve customer experience


HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) – You can grab a seat you can grab a cupcake, but most importantly you can grab your license plate.

“We have all had terrible experiences at the DMV and we wanted to do the exact opposite,” said Aerly Lopez, Holly Springs DMV manager.

The customers at the Holly Springs DMV says that goal has been achieved.

“Oh yeah, this nothing like what I had before,” said customer Dane Gross.

The branch hired a private contractor to revamp the office. Chad Price says he agreed with Lopez, they had to do the exact opposite of what the typical DMV experience is.

“From where it was located to the type of floor, [to the] carpet to the smell and temperature,” said Price.

They put in seating for the 100 to 200 customers they have each day and housed a local bakery inside.

“I live closer to the one in Cary one and stopped going there because I like this one,” said customer Ruth Jacques.

DMVs are privatized so if approved, local contractors can do the same thing throughout the state.

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