Political cartoon and satire festival kicks off at Duke


DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A political cartoon and satire festival kicked off Thursday at the Reynolds Theater at Duke University.

The festival features some of the media’s leading cartoonists talking about how they draw about topics including police brutality, race and social justice.

“These are opportunities to engage in serious conversations. Not so much about the issues but about how we are thinking about the issues and how they are covered by cartoonist. This is an amazing ability to very efficiently create a message about an issue like that,” said Duke professor Fritz Mayer.

There will be a panel discussion with writers and producers from the Simpsons tonight.

Tickets run from $10 to $15. The festival concludes on Saturday Sept. 24.

“Social media is perfect for that. We are really finding a new life for political cartooning these days,” festival organizer Adam Zyglis said. “And the challenge is to figure out how to monetize that and how media companies can use that to drive traffic and increase profits to retain cartoonist on staff.”

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