Recess cut short after students report clown near NC school playground

(Photo: Graeme Maclean/WikiMedia Commons)
(Photo: Graeme Maclean/WikiMedia Commons)

HAMPSTEAD, N.C. (WECT) – Reports of a clown in the woods near a school in Pender County Tuesday resulted in a shortened recess for some students at South Topsail Elementary School.

For safety reasons, administrators brought students inside from the playground after several children reported seeing a clown nearby, according to Pender County Schools spokesperson Miranda Roberts. The sheriff’s department investigated but did not find evidence that someone was in the wooded area.

According to Captain Rowell, the sheriff’s department doesn’t plan to increase patrols at county schools as a result of the reported sighting.

Clown sighting stories have popped up recently in many communities, with many being determined as unfounded. Two teens face charges in Columbus County for reports of threats involving clowns there. A similar situation recently happened in Bladen County.

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