Woman who fled from NC courthouse says ‘I had nothing to lose’

Tina Murray was arrested Wednesday after cutting off her electronic monitoring device, police say. (Source: WECT)
Tina Murray was arrested Wednesday after cutting off her electronic monitoring device, police say. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – A woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon after authorities said she cut off her electronic-monitoring device and ran away from the New Hanover County Courthouse during a pretrial hearing last week.

Authorities said Tina Murray was arrested at a gas station on N. College Road in Wilmington.

She is facing several charges including breaking and entering, robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of burglary tools. Her trial is expected to start on Monday morning.

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“My attorney hadn’t done anything as far as the trial or anything goes, he waited a week before the trial was supposed to come and said I was going to get 57 months,” Murray explained. “If I took it to trial I was going to get 10 years.”

Murray is accused of aiding her husband David Cox in several robberies and is facing the same charges as her husband but says she had nothing to do with his crimes.

He is currently serving an 11-year prison term.

“I’ve never been in trouble, I’m not a felon or anything like that, I wasn’t there,” Murray said.

In a jailhouse interview Thursday, Murray said she has never robbed anyone before, and did not help her husband in any way.

She was unhappy with her court-appointed attorney and wanted more time to find representation.

“I didn’t want to run, I wanted a lawyer, a paid lawyer and I needed a week to get one,” added Murray.

After pre-trial motions and during a recess, Murray said she left the courthouse and cut off her electronic-monitoring device with a pocket knife.

“I had nothing to lose,” Murray said. “They were trying to railroad me.”

She would not say where she went after that, but says the device is simply made out of rubber and was easy for her to cut.

“I left and cut my bracelet off because the judge was going to make my attorney who wasn’t ready who had no evidence, no witnesses no nothing go to trial,” Murray explained.

U.S. Marshals said she was kicking, screaming and spat on an officer’s face when they arrested her, but Murray denied those allegations.

“I wouldn’t open the door,” she said. “I wasn’t kicking and screaming, they threw me down like a man, put their knees in my back and threw me up against the car.”

Murray now is charged with interfering with an electronic-monitoring device. A judge set her bond at $2 million.

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