60 investors worth $2.1 trillion call for full repeal of HB2

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Representatives for investors worth $2.1 trillion gathered in downtown Raleigh Monday to announce that they’re calling for the full repeal of House Bill 2.

Sixty investors signed the statement. Those investors represent $2.1 trillion in collective assets under management.


The group said they don’t care about the politics surrounding HB2. Their statement is focused on the inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community and they are calling for the repeal of the entire law and not just the transgender bathroom section of it.

As for why the group gathered now, they said they’re worried about individual concerns of companies and investors not being heard. They were prepared to release a statement in June during the legislative session but said they understood there was a good faith effort by lawmakers to negotiate changing the law.

Ultimately, the investors were not satisfied with how things went. The group decided to gather Monday as more companies and organizations pull out of the state.


“We are concerned that HB 2 is making it difficult for our portfolio companies to provide the safe, open and inclusive environment necessary for a successful workplace,” said Joshua Humphreys, president of Croatan Institute.

Representatives for investors admit that asking Fortune 500 companies to pull out of the state is not likely in the case that the law stays in place.

Municipal bond portfolios are already being stripped of North Carolina municipal bonds for clients who have asked, the group said.

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