Alleged UNC rape victim may have altered photos, lawyer says

The attorney for Allen Artis says the image on the left appears to have been altered to make the injuries look more severe

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The attorney for Allen Artis, the UNC football player accused of raping a woman at the school, said initial images of the alleged victim seem to have been altered.

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Kerry Sutton said the original image of the alleged victim, Delaney Robinson, that was presented at a press conference recently, looks different from the photo she obtained from investigators.

Sutton has filed a motion for the district attorney’s office and investigators to release all the images along with timestamps and GPS location of the photos.

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Robinson’s attorney, Denise Branch, released the following statement in response to the two photos:

The photograph I presented at the press conference was given to me by Investigator Barbee with the UNC Department of Public Safety. Ms. Sutton has not requested nor has she received any photographs from me or my office. We have no idea from whom or from where Ms. Sutton obtained the photograph she submitted to the forensic analyst, and there is no way we can attest to the authenticity or alteration of Ms. Sutton’s photograph.”

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