Customer surprises Wake Forest Police by paying for their meal


WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Thursday night two Wake Forest police officers got a surprise while eating dinner during their shift, when a customer paid their bill.

“It was touching,” said Lt. Trent Coleman with Wake Forest Police.

Coleman has been with Wake Forest Police for 25 years. He says Thursday nights he and his unit usually go to East Coast Wings and Grill for dinner. However what’s not usual is what happened when Coleman asked to pay the bill.

“Waitress came over and gave us a piece of paper said the meal was taken care of,” said Coleman.

Instead of the $40 dollar tab for the dinner a note was waiting for Coleman that said:

This is a very small token of my appreciation for what you guys do for the community. Enjoy your dinner and stay safe. Thank you both so much! – Devan

Coleman says within the last couple years the atmosphere of policing has changed and become more hostile towards law enforcement officers, he says Thursday nights note was a nice reminder of why he does what he does.

“It’s not so much the meal, I mean, the buying of the meal. It’s the knowing that there are a lot of people that still appreciate what we do; and that does mean a lot,” he said.

Hannah Mack waited on the customer who paid for the officer’s meals. She said the good deed was contagious.

And even though Coleman never got a chance to meet Devan he says he’ll always have the note to remind him and the department that members of the community stand with them.

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