Substance abuse recovery set to expand


DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A substance abuse recovery facility is preparing to expand.

A new 10,000-square foot comprehensive center will soon be built at Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abuse, also known as TROSA, to meet an increase in demand for the organization’s service.

Charlene Parker, a resident at TROSA, recovered from a 20-year opiate addiction. She came to the Durham center in 2013, after her sister asked her one simple question.

(Charlene) “If you could do anything you wanted to with your life, what would it be? And I used to say a research scientist. And then one day she asked and I said I would be sober,” Parker recalled.

Over three years, her experience at TROSA was able to help her get back on her feet, she said.

“When I came to TROSA, I had a lot of issues that I hadn’t dealt with in my past and I was able to get counseling and therapy and medication around that,” Parker said.

Last year TROSA helped an average of 500 people like Parker each day.

With that number rising, staff said it’s time to expand.

Now, a new $2.6 million comprehensive care center is expected to open in June 2017.

The new building will accommodate more workers and allow them to work more effectively, said Kevin McDonald, TROSA’s CEO.

“Well it’s just a flow, instead of having things on different parts of this campus, which you can see is a 13-acre campus,” he said.

Parker also said an upgrade is needed.

“We’ve made do for many years with the facility that we have, which used to be a forklift shed,” she said. “So as the population grows here at TROSA, so do our needs and sometimes we have to expand. In this case we have to just build, build new.”

Groundbreaking is scheduled for Oct. 13. The center has $2.1 million in donations and pledges so far. The last $500,000 of the $2.6 million cost remains to be raised.

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