Cumberland County community struggles after flooding hits area

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Many residents throughout the Triangle are still drying off after heavy rain flooded many areas last week.


Cumberland County sustained the most damage as nearly ten inches of rain fell in some areas.

One community is struggling to rebuild.

“Within hours, it automatically went from nothing to something,” said Whitney Shipp, whose mother’s home flooded.

Whitney Shipp is talking about rain up to her knees on Thursday and she’s got pictures to prove it.

In her mom’s front yard only the upper portion of the fence is visible in a photo.

Another picture was taken inside their home, where Ship says more than three feet of water came in.

“We have to recover, or house smells like mold mildew, the furniture’s messed up, I mean every time it rains we have to leave — we can’t chance it ,” Shipp said.

The Scottsdale Subdivision off Reilly road and Wayland Drive was among the first areas evacuated beginning Thursday night.

A picture of Nitza Amador daughter’s home shows the entire front yard that looks like a river.

“We’ve had cars damaged because of floods here,” said Nitza Amador, whose daughter’s home was flooded.

On Sunday, as ditches remain full of water and an awful stench is left behind, residents say the city must do more to keep homes from flooding.

Neighbors say the area floods often because there’s no place for rain water to go and, often times, storm drains remain clogged.

“I mean I’ve been on the phone with them, I’ve been downtown,” said Larry McEachern, whose backyard flooded.

Meanwhile, after more than 20 years and one too many floods, the Shipp family is now looking to sell their home and relocate. They say enough is enough.

“We’ve lived here for so long, we really don’t want to leave, but at this point what are we supposed to do?” Whitney Shipp said.

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