NC man covers his entire SUV with 51,300 pennies

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. (CNN) — Ever wonder what you should do with all that spare change you find in your car or between the couch cushions?


Well there’s a man from North Carolina who opted to pimp his ride with pennies.

When Larry Hall drives his 2000 Chevy Blazer “It really gets attention,” he says.

You might say it turns heads.

“It is entertaining,” Hall says.

Look closely and you’ll see that it is entirely covered in pennies.

“51,300,” he says.

Originally it was white and he decided to change it.

“I had to put them on one by one and it took like 7 weeks, 6 to 7 hours a day, and it took 80 tubes of silicone glue and 3 gallons of fiberglass boat glue,” Hall said.

“It’s supposed to have been all heads but there’s a very few … accidentally got on there tails somehow or another. But when you are doing that many pennies, you are liable to mess up at anything,” he added.
As you can imagine, this did add several hundred pounds of weight.

“The hood is so heavy that I have to prop it open. Watch it when I let it go. Now sometimes if you slam the doors real hard…. they will come off but I have a little glue kit in there and I just get them put them back on there,” Hall said.

It’s been quite an investment in time and money. The pennies obviously cost $513, but there was also the added cost of the glue.

But it’s paid off.

“I have enjoyed it since I got done with it,” Hall said.

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