Areas in Central NC that flooded last week gear up for Hurricane Matthew

Flooding in a Fayetteville subdivision last week when up to 9 inches of rain fell in some areas. WNCN viewer photo

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Just days after significant flooding in the Sandhills, crews are getting ready for what Hurricane Matthew could bring.

Fayetteville firefighters were testing out their gear on Tuesday and preparing for a potentially busy weekend.

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Additional people will be brought into work later this week.

The city will have five swift-water rescue teams available as well as crews ready to deal with building collapses if they happen.

Assistant Chief Kevin Morgan says he’s concerned about the same areas that just flooded last week, but points out people all over the city could be affected.

“The storm’s already dropping large amounts of rain in the Caribbean, so if that keeps up for the Carolinas, it could cause a lot of problems,” Morgan said.

Morgan encouraged people to have enough supplies to be able to stay at home at least a couple of days if necessary.

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