Program aims to curb youth crime in Cumberland County

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.(WNCN) — A program is making an effort to keep guns off the street and kids away from gun violence in Cumberland County.

Operation Cease Fire has been in effect in Cumberland County schools for almost two years.

Tuesday night, parents gathered at Lewis Chapel Middle School to learn more about the program while students played officers in a three-on-three basketball tournament.

At least twice a week, 7th grade students throughout Cumberland County watch a video with police officers about making the right choices.

The officers and students then talk about crime in their communities.

Lisa Jayne, Cease Fire Coordinator, says “we were pleased to announce that violent crime with youth, our numbers have gone down 3 percent, which is great and the program is only two years old”.

The program launched after youth violence at house parties became a big problem in Cumberland County.

In the last two years, nearly 15,000 youths have gone through the program.

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