13 dogs rescued from puppy mill arrive in Wake County

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A total of 13 dogs rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Cabarrus County arrived in Wake County Wednesday.

See more photos of the dogs
See more photos of the dogs

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The SPCA of Wake County said several of the animals were living in deplorable conditions when they were found last week. At least one of the dogs has heartworms.

Officials seized a total of 105 dogs, 20 cats and three goats in that raid, which was prompted by an anonymous tip.

Most of the rescued dogs now in Wake County are 6 years and older. Two are puppies. The breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, poodles and two labs.

The rescued animals will not be available for adoption immediately. The SPCA team need to evaluate their health first.

Some may be available as early as next week, but the SPCA says there will be no waiting list or wish list for these animals.

For details on how to adopt a pet from the SPCA of Wake County, click here.


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