Durham Police offers new benefits package; $5,000 bonus possible

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – The Durham Police Department is now offering a new benefits package for that could include a $5,000 hiring bonus.

The new package is offered to both entry level Basic Law Enforcement Training and Advanced Law Enforcement training positions.

A one-time hiring bonus of $5,000 is available for those who complete of all phases of both academy and field training plus sign a 4-year commitment for both BLET and ALET applicants.

The Department is also offering a one-time relocation bonus of up to $3,000 for officers who move into Durham city limits.

Patrol officers are offered a shoe allowance while investigators are offered an annual clothing allowance.

Those incentives are in addition to comprehensive health, vision and dental and competitive retirement plans.

Durham police are recruiting for its BLET and ALET academies.

For more information contact a member of the Durham Police Department Recruiting Unit:

Sgt. David English: 919-560-4575, ext. 29161 David.English@DurhamNC.gov
Cpl. Darryl Drew Sr.: 919-560-4575, ext. 29169 Darryl.DrewSr@DurhamNC.gov
Master Officer Jacqueline Fountain: 919-560-4575, ext. 29164 Jacqueline.Fountain@DurhamNC.gov
Master Officer Pamela Shackleford: 919-560-4575, ext. 29162 Pamela.Shackelford@DurhamNC.gov
Master Officer Kristy Roberts: 919-560-4575, ext. 29166 Kristy.Roberts@DurhamNC.gov
Investigator David Bussell: 919-560-4575, ext.29167 David.Bussell@DurhamNC.gov
Investigator Ta’Lisa McClain: 919-560-4575, ext. 29168 Talisa.McClain@DurhamNC.gov
Investigator Anthony Cisternas: 919-560-4575, ext. 29165 Anthony.Cisternas@DurhamNC.gov
Recruiting Administrative Coordinator Jean Thibodeaux-Miller: 919-560-4575, ext. 29170 Jean.Thibodeaux-Miller@DurhamNC.gov

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