Hope Mills preps for potential flooding from Hurricane Matthew

HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – The Town of Hope Mills is in recovery mode after several homes were flooded last week.

Rushing waters also damaged development of the new dam there.

CBS North Carolina saw crews prepping the dam, checking for any impact that could come from Hurricane Matthew.

State inspector said everything appears OK and water levels are normal.

But many in Hope Mills are on guard, bracing for the unexpected.

Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner said more rain and downed trees are possible.

Warner said it all could “affect power lines and those kinds of things.”

Thursday, several people were in and out of Ace Hardware on Main Street.

“I’m prepared,” said Ronald McCrowre. “I’ve been getting food, water, batteries.”

Store Owner Joel Autry said they’ve sold more than 200 sandbags in the last three days, lots of batteries and other helpful tools

“Lanterns almost out of them right, yup, we got two left, and all of this was flash lights,” Autry said.

June Gallo is originally from Pennsylvania and said she has never experienced a hurricane before.

The possibilities coming from Hurricane Matthew make her nervous.

“My family members back home keep calling asking, ‘Are you OK?’ I’m like, ‘It hasn’t hit yet,’” Gallo said.

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