Hurricane Matthew shifts Hillsborough church’s mission trip in Haiti

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A small group from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Hillsborough got caught in Haiti during Hurricane Matthew this week. This is an annual trip for the church since 2010, but the deadly stormed changed their entire mission.

“Once they were there and the storm was coming they realized that the type of ministry they were going to offer might change little bit. It became recovery,” said Currie Tilley, pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church

Hurricane Matthew was the first category four hurricane to land in Haiti since 1964. The harsh winds and flooding affected thousands and left the country in crisis.

“The hurricane gave us opportunity to show the love of god to its people of Haiti in a way that was unique to that situation that would not have been there otherwise if it had been the normal trip,” said Bob Sipper, pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church

The church members in Haiti are communicating with family members through social media. Yesterday the church members delivered 300 bags of rice, noodles and oil to families affected by the storm. The four members from the Ebenezer Baptist church are expected to head home from Haiti on Sunday.

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