NC I-95 corridor sees Hurricane Matthew evacuees searching for rooms

Andrea Chavez and her family drove from Georgetown County, South Carolina to Raleigh to avoid Hurricane Matthew. (WNCN)

ROWLAND, N.C. (WNCN) — Interstate 95 was full of people on Thursday who were evacuating areas where Hurricane Matthew is predicted to hit.

“Getting out of that storm,” said John Demartino.

Demartino, lives in Myrtle Beach, he says he learned his lesson about disregarding evacuation warnings during the last hurricane.

“When they say there is nobody to help you, that’s the truth,” he said.

While Demartino was leaving home in Myrtle, Lynn and Ellsworth Moore were delayed getting there.

“We were on our way to spend two weeks with our daughter, but the storm progressively kept getting worse,” said Ellsworth Moore.

Instead the Moores say their daughter is now on her way from Myrtle Beach to meet them inland at the South of the Border motel near the North Carolina and South Carolina state line.

“We’re not hard up for a place to stay. We’re pretty fortunate really,” said Ellsworth Moore.

Not everyone was so lucky.

“Columbia was packed,” said Andrea Chavez. “We were going to go to Florence, but it was all packed,” she added.

Instead, Chavez and her family packed up two cars and drove from Georgetown County, South Carolina to Raleigh.

She says leaving home and the long trip to North Carolina is worth it

“Our lives are worth more than staying there,” she said.

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