McCrory to tour Fayetteville where 4 are still missing and many roads remain closed

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) —  Gov. Pat McCrory will tour Fayetteville on Monday after the city was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew on Saturday with the effects of the storm still being felt with a dozen road closures and several dam breaches underway on Sunday.


In addition to all the damage, Fayetteville officials said there were seven fires after power was restored and appliances that had been left on when power went out then sparked a blaze when power came back on.

McCrory will begin his tour of Fayetteville at the Cross Creek Park at noon on Monday, Fayetteville officials said.

More than 14 inches of rain fell on an already waterlogged city of Fayetteville on Saturday and a 61 mph wind gust was recorded in Fayetteville, which led to many downed trees.

Since Saturday, there were 255 water rescue calls and 701 people rescued in the city. Also, four people remain missing in Fayetteville, officials said.

I-95 is closed northbound and southbound near exit 65 due to a possible dam breach, according to Fayetteville officials.

U.S. Route 301 is also closed in the same area and NCDOT is asking travelers to take U.S. Route 401 from Lillington to Fayetteville.

The following is a list of roads in Fayetteville:

  • Greenock/Paisley
  • Yadkin/Lake Valley
  • Bingham/Tiree
  • Old Bunce/Baden Lake
  • Tar Kiln Dr
  • Shaw Cross/Ramsey
  • Morganton/Cliffdale
  • 1800 Block of Berridale
  • Clinton Rd/Lockstrail
  • Murchison/Washington
  • Shaw Mill near Ridge

The following dams have been breached:

  • Wilson Lake
  • Watson Lake
  • Vernon Estates at Governor’s Lane
  • Herndon Pond at Yarborough Road
  • Earl Smith Pond at Fire Department Road
  • Aaron Lakes
  • Rhodes Pond
  • Smith Lake

Headquarters Library at 300 Maiden Lane will be closed all week due to flood damage.

City and County governments are closed Monday during business hours, except for essential personnel.

City residents are asked to bring storm debris to the curb and place regular yard waste in city containers. Trash collection will be on regular service.


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