Lillington in the dark as Cape Fear River looms after Hurricane Matthew

A darkened downtown Lillington on Sunday night. Photo by AJ Janavel.

LILLINGTON, N.C.(WNCN) — A day after Hurricane Matthew, the sky was beautiful, but many were looking at the effects of the storm at the Cape Fear River in Lillington.


“It’s come up. It’s a huge flood I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years,” said Austin Hall.

Parking lots were turned into boat ramps and flood waters were much higher than normal, but the worst of the effects were in town.

A giant tree fell onto Lillington’s town hall,  damaging the roof and front patio.

Power was also out in town — meaning stop lights weren’t working.

Lillington police were out directing traffic, but drivers were having other issues.

“I’ve been looking for gas for 10 or 15 minutes but every station I got to the power is out,” said Doug Scott.

Scott said he stopped at at least five different stations and all of them were closed – he said he just hopes he makes it home.

“I’m littearly on fumes right now,” Scott said.

Tom Dombrowski was also wishing the power was on at the gas station, but for a different reason — he owns it.

“Still no power and plans still up in the air I’m sure we’ll try it again in the morning,” he said.

Dombrowski said not only is he losing money not just on sales because the power is out.

“We sell a lot of restaurant food so everything is going to have to be thrown away and start all over,” he said.

On Friday the station got a shipment of 1500 pounds of perishables — at 50 degrees in the walk in cooler, Dombrowski says there’s no salvaging any of the food.

“Hopefully the insurance covers things and everything will be alright,” he said.

Now it’s just a waiting game for the town to see when power will be fully restored.

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